About us

The story of  ray&co really began many thousand years ago. 🙂

The first map record was modeled in clay and then backed more than 4000 years ago. From cave painting to ancient maps of Babylon, Greece and Asia, people have created and used maps as the essential tools to help them define, explain and navigate their way through the world.

Mapping has always represented a significant step forward in the intellectual development of human beings and it serves as a record of the advancement of knowledge of the human race, which could be passed from members of one generation to those that follow in the development of culture.

We started with a vision of making the map so beautiful that everybody who saw it once has to take another look. Due to the reason that our maps have many details presented through unique design, it is the best way of enjoying and learning at the same time.

ray&co has always been different when it comes to the mapmaking.

Started in 2008, the company released each year one new unique Map design.

Our Maps carry a variety of items, from unique drawings, beautiful colors and carefully selected fonts.

Every map is created with attention to accuracy and elegance, from gathering the base information to the final color adjustment on the printing press.

Exquisite details make this one of the most beautiful world maps you'll ever see.
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